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How “Care Economy” Voters Fueled Biden’s Win in 2020’s Battlegrounds Suburbs–and are Here to Stay

Joe Biden is President-elect because of his narrow victories in a string of key battleground states. One decisive factor was a rising cohort of voters–key to Biden’s suburban victories– battered by COVID and focused on “care economy” issues like child care, elder care, family and medical leave and paid sick days. Read more and view

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Women Leaving the Workforce Due to Caregiving Demands Costs Trillions in Economic Growth

We cannot fully recover from this historic pandemic without investing in care economy policies that support the US workforce – especially working women. A strong economy must have a strong care infrastructure that includes childcare, paid leave and home and community-based care for older American and people with disabilities. Read more and view the factsheet

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Care Economy Investments Create 5.3 Million Jobs in 18 States

On the campaign trail, Joe Biden promised a $775 billion investment over 10 years in the “care economy” – the sector of our economy that provides care for children, older Americans, Americans living with disabilities and those living in residential care. As President, he’s already issued detailed plans for these investments, with more to come.

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Bipartisan Majorities of Voters Support Investing in the Care Economy

More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of Americans are united in their support of the care economy. We cannot recover from this historic pandemic and fix longbroken systems without investing in a strong care infrastructure that includes childcare, paid family and medical leave and long-term care. COVID-19 has demonstrated how essential

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Child Care and Pre-K Investments to Create and Support 10.2 Million Jobs Nationally

The American Families Plan includes $425 billion in childcare and Pre-K funding over 10 years, including providing direct support to families to ensure that low-and middle-income families spend no more than 7 percent of their income on high-quality child care. This investment would mean critical support for hard hit families and will also have a

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Legislative Overview: Strengthening the Care Economy

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the enormous need for care policies that support American families and workers. Congress now has a historic opportunity to address the need for affordable, quality childcare, access to paid family and medical leave and home and community based care – not just with short-term relief measures but with permanent policies.

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Paid Leave Policies Would Generate $28.5B Billion Additional Income for U.S. Families and the Economy

The Biden-Harris Administration’s American Families Plan and the Building an Economy for Families Act recently introduced by Richard E. Neal (D-MA) include up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave for the arrival of a new baby, to care for a sick loved one or to deal with their own illness. That would

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Invest in the American Care Infrastructure

President Biden proposed including $400 billion in funding for home-and-community-based services (HCBS) in his federal infrastructure plan, known as the American Jobs Plan. This funding is desperately needed, and it would benefit all Americans by boosting the economy, allowing workers to earn a living wage, expanding services to older adults and people with disabilities, and

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Arizona Swing Voter Focus Group Findings

Arizona swing voters are generally split on the direction of the country. All but one of the women believe the country is on the wrong track and four out of six men say the country is headed in the right direction. Regardless of the direction, they believe the country is heading, COVID and the economy

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Substance Use Disorders and Paid Family & Medical Leave

Find out the benefits of why people in recovery need paid family and medical leave. View the full storybook below: Substance Use Disorders Storybook

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What Build Back Better Means for Women and Working Families

The Build Back Better Act makes annual job-creating investments that improve the economy for all, reduce costs, boost incomes and help families struggling to juggle their work lives while caring for themselves, children, or loved ones who are older, sick, or have disabilities. Download the National Fact Sheet   View the State Fact Sheets below:

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